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Company Profile

 Changzhou Sansheng machinery limited company may undertake the process design, equipment design, manufacture, coating line installation, commissioning, production to accompany the whole line turnkey projects, such as equipment, painting equipment of automobile, machinery equipment, painting equipment and auto electrophoresis coating line. Over the years, the company and the Ministry of machinery, four hospital, nine homes, Dongfeng hospital, with rides Institute, Tianjin Automotive Technology and research center of domestic famous institutes and Italy AIRMADI company has close relationship and cooperation relationship.

Companies registered capital of 21180000 yuan. The company covers an area of 35000m2, building area of 18000 m2, office building 3000 m2, annual sales of about one trillion and eighty million yuan. The existing staff of 346 people, including 3 senior engineers, painting professional engineer 8, 5 mechanical engineer, electrical engineer 2, senior technician 25 people, engineering and technical personnel 35 people, 55 welding technician. Advanced facilities, strong technical force.

Over the years the company spirit of "quality first, the user first" principle of service, has undertaken the construction of FAW Group, the second automobile group, Changan group, Dongfeng Group, ha light factory, Changhe Automobile, Yangzhou bus factory, Shenfei Hino, Zhengzhou Nissan, southeast car, Ankai automobile group, Hunan Changfeng, Changchun, Chongqing Lifan, Beijing Changling Mercedes Benz, Sany, Hitachi built machine, small Matsuyama push, Geely Group and other large enterprises paint project nearly 100, to first-class quality, excellent service to win customers alike. Has become a domestic skilled, experienced, quality stable and professional painting company, won a good reputation in painting industry.

The company with advanced coating equipment manufacturing technology at home and abroad, the related standards and machinery of the 9th, summing up 10 years of practical experience, has developed a set of more perfect "painting equipment manufacturing, installation, debugging and acceptance outline". The painting equipment production has been standardized, quality has been a reliable guarantee.

The company developed a strict quality management and service system, to meet customer demand for the first goal, pay close attention to quality and service, and in 2003 the first lift through the ISO9001-2000 quality management system standard certification, the company will take this opportunity, then climb the peak.