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Rules and operating characteristics of coating equipment
2014/9/19 8:29:26  /  Publish: The Station  /  Pageviews

1: characteristics
(1) coating equipment cannot do without solvent has many parts to be solvent.
(2) the paint is flammable and explosive substances, many parts of the device to make flame retardant explosion-proof treatment.
(3) coating process requires very fine, high equipment precision requirement
(4) equipment load is low, there is little heavy equipment.
(5) coating equipment easier to plan the assembly line, saving manpower.
(6) the running speed is slow

2: operation procedures
(a) equipment operating personnel must be familiar with all kinds of mechanical structure, performance and operation, maintenance methods, shall be used, the person responsible for the.

(2) the operation of woodworking machinery, should wear working clothes, tie cuffs, female comrades must wear work hat, braided into the cap; don't wear gloves, scarves and other operations.

(3) machinery started must test each component before work, after normal operation can begin to work. Note: if the one or two ignition not; best to combustion fan open for a while to gas hearth discharge is finished second times to test machine.

(4) shaft, chain, belt pulley, belt and other moving parts on the equipment, should be set up protective cover and a protective plate.

(5) the mechanical operation if not normal circumstances or other failure, should be immediately cut off the power, parking overhaul.

(6) equipment surrounding flammable materials, shall be strictly prohibited fireworks.
(seven) the debugging and the maintenance of equipment, must cut off the total power.