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Teach you to use automatic spray some machines need to be noticed
2014/9/19 8:31:34  /  Publish: The Station  /  Pageviews

Now a lot of industry will be used in coating equipment, but the operation is undeserved, can also cause many problems, so in the small make up here for you to talk about several problems needing attention spraying machine in the operation process:

The coating operation is mainly the operation problem of using spray gun, improper use of gun operation, will cause the coating defects, gun operating use mainly pay attention to three issues.

1. gun running direction and speed

Gun running in the direction you want to always be parallel coated surface, and spray fan vertical, in order to ensure the uniformity of the coating. Gun running speed to steady, suitable for 300~400mm/s. The running speed is not stable, uneven coating thickness, running too fast coating is too thin, too thick too slow coating.

2. spraying sector angle

Spray fan and to be coated surface to be perpendicular to each other, manual operation when the gun, to pay attention to each of the spraying width should not be too large, or because of inconvenient operation will cause the spraying sector angle change significantly, resulting in uneven coating.

3. the gun distance

Mouth spray gun and be distance coated surface called gun gun from the distance, suitable for 300~400mm. Gun spacing is too small, the spray pressure is too large, recoil is large, easy to appear the phenomenon of uneven coating, and spraying range (width small fan), was coated with local injection of excess material, the thicker film. Spray gun spacing is too large, large pressure loss, paint easy to dissipate, and spraying range is too large, makes the object to be coated local spray material is too small, not up to the requirement of the thickness of coating.
Coating defects are mainly manifested in three aspects:

1 coating is too thin; mainly for the number of times according to the conventional spray coating, coating is not up to the required thickness.

2 the coating is too thick, mainly as a sagging, coating surface drying and deep not stem, coating crust etc..

3 uneven coating, mainly as a joint trace, coating color inconsistencies, coating smoothness is poor etc..