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Spray booth and paint work notice
2014/9/19 8:32:54  /  Publish: The Station  /  Pageviews

Use of car paint room paint repair can improve the quality of the paint job, which is not only because the paint room temperature and can make quick drying paint proportioned according to the settings of the operator, and can be isolated from the outside paint room dust and other pollutants on the car pollution caused by paint, so that eliminates the need for subsequent polishing paint handling punishment thing. Some vehicles after spray paint and paint the room, there will be some pitting on the finish, meticulous observation of the invention will be some dust particles are attached to the parcel paint finish. When this environment, the atmosphere of the room to clarify the paint contains a lot of dust.
Tip: To link to paint the room a clean atmosphere, all sorts of examples of paint rooms are equipped with filtration devices, for example, cotton filters, used to filter into the paint room atmosphere of dust and paint room paint room ventilation system will have adequate ventilation rate, and thus guarantee a clean paint room atmosphere. Many times, body paint contamination is caused by human factors, such as painting the vehicle does not have to be completely clean and Britain at the end to enter the paint room, or painting a dedicated staff did not wear protective clothing, or paint the room is not clean and so on.
 (1) into the baking room atmosphere is major source of pollutants. The hapless used paint room, should be the baking room and close the door, it is strictly prohibited to make paint room door long is in the open state. In many repair factory, Polish things putty often held in distance paint room very close to the area, abrading putty process will produce large amounts of dust, large dust putty ash as the air flow easily into the baking room. If the putty grinding take clean dry grinding skill, the environment will be better, if take is hand polished essentials, pollution will be very nervous. Therefore, long star rigid prompt broad customer meticulous: in the garage, putty grinding things should be held in the area far away from the paint room.

(2) paint sexual love, ventilation fan will be outside the atmosphere is pumped into the filter cotton, after baking room ceiling on downward blowing, atmosphere from paint room floor is withdrawn paint room, paint the room made a landing airflow, so even a small amount, paint the room dust, can not fly up. Filter cotton paint shed on the roof can filter loss of big department going to link into the dust, paint the room atmosphere clean. Therefore, should regularly change adsorption cotton paint roof shelf filter cotton and paint baking room on the floor.

(3) to be coated vehicle itself is usually the largest source of pollution in the baking room. The wheels, bumpers and other parts of the engine compartment will gather a large number of pollutants, thorough body wash things can make these pollutants on the effect of spraying operation deep. Therefore, body wash and good preparation work is very important.

(4) the spraying operation personnel wearing work clothes pollution source is tense. In many repair factory, abrading putty and spraying paint things are done by the same person, many workers in the abrading putty and spray paint wore the same sets of work clothes, this is not accurate, should have a special thing to wear in the spray paint. In the baking room, should wear no fibre shedding work clothes, wear rubber gloves, masks and respirators, spray paint in each link should such a dress. Do not wear special costumes personnel are not allowed to enter the booth, but only from the window watching the painting work, in order to avoid contamination of the paint.

(5) in addition to cover the body and the spraying must be completed in the paint room inside things, other body preparation and paint mixing things should be held in the paint room surface. Some repair factory and even in the paint room cleaned inside the vehicle or abrading putty, this is tense in violation of paint repair operation paradigm approach.

(6) the airbrush spray configuration to keep clean. Should wash in time after each spraying gun, lest paint spray gun in the paint drying, drying after condenses into pieces, if dry patches of paint to fly out when spraying, will be the formation of defects in the paint.

(7) in each painting things completed should be excluded from the baking room floors and walls, the cover body by the cover materials clean. The paint should be as much as possible the use of disposable masks cover the body, though covered car coat and wheel cover do not use cotton, because this car coat easy to gather dust.

(8) the arrangement of parts and paint cans and other debris should not paint the room, because these things will accumulate dirt and eventually to be spraying vehicle pollution. Should not be kept in an open environment, spray gun, paper tape, putty, car cover and work clothes and other items, these items should be placed in a closed and ventilated storage room.

In short, in order to ensure the quality of spraying paint, black and white maintenance and strict operation example paint room internal environment is necessary.